Guided Imagery

People are becoming interested in a form of meditation known as guided imagery. It is a form of active day dreaming that is so simple and relaxing that children are naturally great at it. It involves listening to a CD that asks you to imagine yourself somewhere safe, serene, a place that feels good to you. It’s totally your choice where this place is, it could be the mountains, a lake, your old bedroom or tree house in the yard. While visualizing this completely safe, happy and peaceful place, you are asked to focus on what you are experiencing.

Guided imagery can help people with sleep issues, and also help reduce pain, regret, stress, fear as well as decrease depression and anxiety. It has an impact on your mental, emotional and physical self. The more emotional you feel, the more powerful the outcome. It works for people who can’t meditate or who struggle with relaxing.

There are also several apps for smart devices that provide guided imagery. Try it and see! It is another way to motivate and inspire your sense of creativity.