The Student’s Wish List

1. Give me structure at home. I like rules,
2. Discuss with me your expectations of my grades.
3. Ask me to tell you about my day and then just LISTEN while I tell my story.
4. Encourage me to do my best.
5. Accept that my BEST may be a D+ or a C. Not everyone can get an A.
6. Tell me that you are proud of me every day.
7. Give me a place to do my homework that is safe with no TV. Music is ok and can
sometimes help.
8. Hold me accountable.
9. If I am struggling get me help.
Grades: The school counselor can set up tutoring, probably for free.
Behavior: The school social worker can help or get me in for counseling.
10. Encourage extracurricular activities so I am invested in school and have more social
11. Ask to see my homework before I can use anything electronic.
12. Make sure I eat, get exercise, and get to bed on time consistently.

These are the tools I need to function and be successful at school. If this is something that your student is struggling with Contact us to schedule an appointment now!