Couple’s Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back and get through the tough times as a team.
Here are some tips to keep your relationship healthy and strong, vibrant and fun!

1. Resiliency comes with commitment and exercise whether physical, emotional, or relational. Relationships require a regular “workout”.
2. Spend time together- Know your partner, we change everyday: Talk Talk Talk – Keeping the focus on each other.
3. Share your need–Be open–Honest about feelings–Ask and clarify. Leave mind reading to the psychics.
4. Respect each other –Utilize a positive approach – Move past complaints, blame and name calling.
5. Communicate–Look at each other’s perspective, prioritize, and brainstorm achievable steps forward.
6. Key thought: Seek understanding before trying to be understood
7. Learn to forgive and be forgiven – A quote by Ruth Bell Graham, “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”
8. Say “I love you” in word and deed – Don’t take each other for granted; Don’t assume the other knows how you feel—we all know what assuming can make us.
9. Keep the fires burning—I think that may be why they used to call it “sparking”.
Schedule a Weekly Date Night-whether you stay home or go out – Explore your options; be creative. If you find the embers are fading walk down memory lane: “This is why I fell for you and this is why I love you.”
10. Work for “we-ness”; Let “us” be your priority