Reiki…what is it?

Reiki is a word that has been flying around social media for the last few months, but do you know what it is? Reiki is the practice of using your body to manipulate energy. White light energy is channeled through the practitioner’s body by their hands lightly touching or being near the receiver’s body. This energy has several physical benefits including deep relaxation, serenity, calmness, healing, and a tangible warmth and tingling may be felt.

Each cell in our body is made up of energy. When you increase the energy level entering your body, you can sense a change in the feel of your muscles and the energy flowing in your body. This process can correct energy disruptions in your system and improve your health and feeling of tranquility. Reiki can assist with releasing emotional memories and cleansing negative feelings.

With an increase in the overall knowledge and conscience in society, more individuals are open to the benefits of energy work. You can seek a Reiki Practitioner at many of the wellness and spa establishments in the area and the fees are comparable to the price of a massage.