Parenting an Angry Child

Parenting can be a difficult job, especially when your child is experiencing anger. Anger can be seen in children in both verbal and physical ways. It can be explosive and upsetting to both parent and child. It is often difficult to help a child calm down and talk about what they are feeling or why they are upset. This can make parenting even more difficult. Here are a few tips to think about when your child suffers from anger:

  • As a parent, try to remain calm when your child is becoming angry.
  • Don’t lecture your child when he/she is angry, but instead tell your child what you would like done so that the child understands what you expect of them.
  • Suggest journaling or drawing to your child if they become angry and have trouble expressing their anger in a healthy way.
  • Allow the child to have a “time-out” in their room so that they can cool down in a safe environment.
  • Try letting your child take a few ice cubes outside to throw at the ground, away from any structures or buildings to let them release some of the built-up anger.

Keep in mind that any technique will take time and that combinations of techniques may work well too. If you have tried these techniques but feel like you need more assistance, contact your pastor, a trusted friend, or behavioral health therapist for extra help.