October is National Anti-Bullying Month

What is bullying? Bullying is when the behavior of another student hurts or harms a child. This harm can be emotional and/or physical. This may include name calling, hitting, gossiping, or cyber-bullying. The child feels unempowered in stopping the behavior that is directed at them.

Following are some recommendations for parents to help if their child is being bullied:

1. Be attentive to your child. Inquire about their school day and social interactions. If s/he discloses to you about bullying, listen attentively & offer assurances that s/he is not to blame. Obtain specifics of who is bullying; how. Who witnessed the bullying?
2. Role play with your child. How they can look & sound assertive. Who can they report to @ school?
3. Notify your child’s teacher. Ask what help can be provided for your child to feel safe. Ask for a copy of the school’s policy regarding bullying.
4. Inquire if the Principal or others, such as the school counselor or bus driver will be informed.
5. If not resolved, contact the school district superintendent.