Family Quality Time

Summer is a great time to connect with your significant other and/or children and spend quality time with each other. Often, we are so busy during the hustle and bustle of the school year, sporting events, activities, and homework. As time flies by, it is difficult to spend time together to re-establish a connection with one another especially as we are constantly changing and growing.

In each community, there are local events that are available for children, teens and families to participate in; many of which are low cost or free. Take the time to learn about some of the local organizations that host or promote events for families. Some of our local organizations that are committed to promoting healthy activities and quality family time are listed below. Be sure to Google and network with other parents to find similar things in your local community and make the most of the events that are available for your family. Find any business (Library, Chamber of Commerce, your cities Downtown Page, etc) on Facebook and follow them to find out about events.

  • Library Events
  • Library Summer reading programs
  • Local theaters frequently play morning movies for free
  • Great Lakes Mom’s Bay Region website
  • Free or discount day at the Zoo
  • Free or discount day at the museum or children’s museum
  • Discount day at the fair
  • Planetarium/Aquarium
  • Local sidewalk sales
  • Local art fairs or any down town events
  • Free or discount day at the Nature Center
  • Free craft projects at Home Depot
  • Barnes and Noble Events and Reading time
  • Free outdoor concerts