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Kelly Trowhill LLMFT, MAFPc

Kelly has worked at Community Research Foundations Halcyon House location at El Cajon stabilizing clients post suicide attempt in a four to fourteen day voluntary in-patient facility, worked with first responders post critical incident, and addressed multiple co-morbidities and social issues. Kelly pursued emotion-focused therapy for couples and works within the system of the family to facilitate second-order change. Upon returning to Michigan, Kelly worked for Great Lakes Counseling and Wellness in Sandusky and Croswell before becoming a solo practitioner in Sandusky in 2021.

Master of Arts Marriage and Family Therapy California

Master of Science Forensic Psychology Certificate University of Liverpool.
Couples in Crisis Emotion Focused- Therapy, Limited Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Special Interests:
Critical Incident Response, human trafficking, PTSD
Outside Work Interests:
Sailing, Reverse Triathlons, Mud runs, Rock Climbing, Highland games.

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